CPR Mask Emergency Kit

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Product Overview

CPR Mask Emergency Kit Rescue Face Shields with Gloves One-Way Valve Breathing Barrier with Pair of Powder Free Nitrile Gloves for First Aid and AED Training

The complete compact easy to carry-on , glove compatible highest quality pouch containing CPR Mask Face Shield one-way valve barrier with ready to use pair of Powder-Free Nitrile gloves handy as Emergency Kit with keyRing designed for you to have easy access and desirable for First Aid and AED training (8)


  • Complete portable package of not just mask, but also high quality 3mils thick Nitrile Exam Powder free gloves, so you are ready to safe life while protecting yourself too.
  • CPR mask keychain Emergency kit First aid One-way valve which Prevent Mouth-to-Mouth Contact
  • CPR Face shield easy carry-on compact and portable high quality and durable pouch with key chain
  • Package contains a pair of ready-to-use powder free Nitrile gloves, so no need to buy mask and gloves separately.
  • Excellent Package of highly durable pouch which includes 8 CPR Masks contained in individual nylon bag that keeps it clean and dry in addition to ready to use latex free gloves.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review