Disposable Zip Tie Handcuffs, Black Flex Cuffs

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Product Overview

Tool Gadget Disposable Zip Tie Handcuffs, Black Flex Cuffs, Double Locking Zip Ties Restraints , Black Nylon Cable Tie , Heavy Duty Tensile Strength: 250 LBS | Length: 27 1/2"(Black)

  • Double self-locking nylon cable tie, very portable, disposable and they can be easily used without instruction or manual.
  • These are our highest strength cable ties with a 250 pound tensile rating. Make good use of this disposable handcuff in our daily life or work.
  • Nylon cable ties are lab test for functionality and quality, are resistant to rust, corrosion, outdoor weather and UV rays.
  • These handcuffs are used for home, outdoor sport, office, garage, workshop, police, security company etc.

-- Length: 28" inches
-- Width: 0.5 inch
-- Thickness: 0.1 inch
-- Max Bundle Diameter: 6 inches
-- Minimum Loop Tensile Strength: 250 pounds

Designed to temperature variations from -45F to 185F. 

Made with General-purpose nylon 6/6 providing increased resistance to ultraviolet light. Carbon black is one of the most effective stabilizers known today. A uniform dispersion of carbon black provides good ultraviolet light resistance without adversely affecting physical properties.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review